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Jul 03 2011

week one check

Well I have to agree that institute is crazy and getting up at 4:45 sucks a lot but it really isn’t that bad. Most of the sessions are pretty boring but nothing is like too ridiculous. Lesson planning is intense but CMA’s ROCK and help you out so much that is just not that bad. I think the secret of surviving at Institute is to do your work as much as you can during the day and to realize that someone who gets 2 hours of sleep a night is less helpful to their kids than someone who got 7…I can’t even say 8 cause it’s impossible to get 8 hours of sleep. Also, I think going home to Baltimore is going to save me. I came home yesterday and felt this huge sigh of relief. Baltimore has just been waiting for me and nothing has changed. my friends were all excited to see me and the love of my life, a 2 year old puppy, was all I needed to feel the stress just melt away. The only thing that could really help would be if we could get up at like 6, that would just make a world of difference!! We also had two days last week where we didn’t have to get up until 7 or 8 which was awesome!! This week we have a 1/2 day for the 4th of July and then we get our kiddies!!! YAY!!!! That will make everything way less boring!!

Also, there are some awesome people here. I think that you need to weed through the white knights and super-dooper overachievers, but there are def some awesome people! And there is a lot of spirit which is kind of a nice experience because I have never really had that at college or anything…it feels nice to be united around a common cause especially one that is so important. I swear I am resisting the Kool-AID but it does feel good to scream out, “BMORE…HARDCORE!”

The only thing that is sh****y is that I still have no job ) : What if I am doing all of this for nothing and I never get a job and i am just fucked…that would suck. But me n my best friend from college just found a place over in Ridgley’s Delight with a yard for the dog and 2 bedrooms n 2 bathrooms…which is so ideal!!

Gonna go enjoy my last day in Baltimore before returning to the trenches.

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