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Aug 12 2011


There are 2 weeks and 3 days until I welcome my students into my classroom and the list of things I haven’t done is getting overwhelming. The thing that really frustrates me is that I like to get work done ahead of time and my school has made that impossible. The following are issues I have right now in these remaining 17 days
1. I have no idea what I am teaching. When I got hired I got an e-mail saying they wanted me to teach 8th grade math. i have looked at the curriculum, created a vision tailored to the idea of becoming adults and gong to high school, and I have created my quarter 1 long term. However, yesterday a bunch of other non-hired TFAers (there situation def sucks more, no argument) had an interview at my school for an elementary position and the interviewer mentioned I would…

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Jul 25 2011

and then there were five…

5 days. thank *#&@ing God… I have never been this excited for something to end in my life ever. The thing that kept me going week 3 and 4 was that I shouldn’t be a pussy because people are starving and I am not starving. This is not a tactic I usually have to call…

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Jul 12 2011

three time

Cma goes: “High five” I go: “ok!!” (but moves it before I can get it and he cracks up) CMA goes, “you missed but it’s OK, go again go again… I go, “aight but this better be for real this time…BETTER!” CMA goes, “of course i am not going to trick you!(moves his hand the…

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Jul 03 2011

week one check

Well I have to agree that institute is crazy and getting up at 4:45 sucks a lot but it really isn’t that bad. Most of the sessions are pretty boring but nothing is like too ridiculous. Lesson planning is intense but CMA’s ROCK and help you out so much that is just not that bad.…

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Jun 23 2011

choking on the KOOL-AID

Well I didn’t think that it was possible but TFA is possibly more into themselves then people say. The last 2 days have been interesting but frustrating. Of course worry number one is that making new friends BLOWS and it is easy to forget how hard it is when it has been 4 years since…

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May 20 2011

a hopeful dream…

So on Wednesday morning I went and observed at this high school. This school is in the process of becoming a middle school. There is only a 6th grade right now, but they are working at introducing a 7th and 8th grade over the next two years. The school was fantastic!! Everyone was super friendly…

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May 07 2011

excitement mounts…

All I can do is read stuff about TFA..while I should be doing my school work, but never the less…EXCITED!! One thing I have been doing is reading things on the internet which has created some mixed feelings inside of me. Obviously I read things written with a grain of salt because people always have…

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May 03 2011

senioritis and some side notes

I’ve got senioritis bad. All I want to do is hang out with all my friends and say good-bye to 4 years of good and bad times. Unfortunately, unlike high school senioritis, life still matters. At the end of senior year of high school life did not matter….my classes were a joke, I was in…

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Apr 13 2011

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in…

So my interview last Friday was ehhh…i had to do a 30 minute sample teach with the instructions, “do a 30 minute sample teach for 7th grade math.” Really had a lot to go on. Well I’ve read the book and thought these kids are all behind and I should use standards….so i did a…

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Apr 08 2011

Knock on wood

I have been a little bit lackadaisical about this blog, so i am going to do one long post that just covers everything! On getting accepted…So I applied to the first deadline and the interview process was as intense as they led us to believe. However, I knew I just had to get through it…

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